A really rather delicious way to drink coffee, a bit naughty, and something of  an enigma here in Britain due to the fact we only have about three windows of opportunity in the year where such a thing actually appeals due to our rather meager summer. However, with a bit of luck, you can enjoy this at least once this year, although given its rather rich and decadent nature, if you take it after a meal, it's rather like a dessert. You could always add a shot of cognac or amaretto if you liked.

Read on for the recipe, and also a chance to win some rather great, British goodies...
Be warned, the coffee needs to stand overnight to develop the flavours.
Quantity-wise, each espresso shot will give you two drinks, below are instructions for four servings, easily scale-able, and the prepared coffee keeps in the fridge for at least 3 days in a sealed container.

Enough strong, freshly brewed coffee for two people
1tsp ground cinnamon
2Tbsp soft brown sugar
50ml boiling water

Single Cream and Ice, to serve

Make your coffee strong, but other wise via whatever method you prefer; I use a stove top espresso pot, as long as it's fresh, proper coffee it doesn't really matter

As soon as it's ready, pour it into a lidded container (a jar is good) and add the cinnamon and sugar, stirring well to mix. Add the water, stir again, and leave to cool. Once cold, place in the fridge overnight.

To serve, strain quarter of the mix over ice in a tumbler, and top with cream. 

The Great British Giveaway

Great Britain's been in the spotlight quite a bit lately, our queen celebrated her Jubilee, and then started hanging around with Daniel Craig for some big sports thing you might have heard about. It seems only proper to celebrate all the Brit love by offering up some rather cool and ultimately patriotic free stuff. And don't despair if you're not a UK resident, this giveaway is open to all.

One very lucky person will soon be the proud owner of a brand new copy of Jamie Olivers latest book, in which he shares the many diverse and eclectic foods that we've now come to think of as 'British'. 

But wait, there's more, in addition, that same lucky person will also receive a marvelous 100% Cotton tea towel from our very own Emma Bridgewater. How's that for greatness?

To be in with a chance, simply leave a comment on this post! It's as easy as that. 

The competition will be open until midnight (BST) on  Saturday August 11th after which time the competition will be closed and a winner will be drawn using random.org

If you want to increase your chances, you can do so by:
Tweeting Monistical a mention
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You'll get an additional entry for every one!

Giving you a up to four chances to win!

The winner will be contacted via email. Good luck!



05/08/2012 7:00pm

I could use a cup of this to help wake me up this morning! Gonna have to give it a try! :)

As for Jamie....LOVE HIM!!!

Shannon Baas
05/08/2012 7:51pm

I need some of this.

05/08/2012 7:57pm

I don't really like coffee personally, but I know enough people who I can please with this! Great for hot summerdays :P

05/08/2012 11:13pm

I would LOVE a chance to win this!! Thank you!

05/08/2012 11:13pm

I am now following you on twitter! @KatyLMA

05/08/2012 11:15pm

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Elaine Rosser
06/08/2012 1:27am

Great giveaway- I always enjoy Jamie Olivers cook books!

Elaine Rosser
06/08/2012 1:30am

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06/08/2012 4:14am

Looks delicious. I am going to have to try this.

Denise M
06/08/2012 4:44am

i would love this, i dont know a ton about Britsh food but would love to learn

06/08/2012 9:21am

Hi! I love coffee. Thanks for the recipe! I already have a book by Jamie, I love the way he explains the recipes, he's really cool. I'd love to enter the giveaway. Thank you and best regards from Barcelona, Spain,

Mark Holloway
06/08/2012 12:03pm

I would love a copy! Got this deal through FME.

Judith (from Israel)
06/08/2012 1:16pm

Thanks for the great giveaway.

06/08/2012 2:25pm

Its wonderful!!!! I've passed it along (with your website) to all my friends :)

susan varney
06/08/2012 2:45pm

thaks for the chance love to win it

Charlotte Padgett
06/08/2012 3:24pm

Please enter me in the contest. I would love to win this book.

06/08/2012 3:55pm

keep looking at the Jamie book and keep meaning to buy it - would be even better to win!

06/08/2012 3:57pm

following on twitter @maxineflossy

06/08/2012 3:58pm

have tweeted! thanks for the giveaway

06/08/2012 5:29pm

Love trying new things

06/08/2012 5:51pm

Iced Coffee - It's the first time I've tried it...............Lovely, thanks.

06/08/2012 6:10pm

Great giveaway! I love Jamie Oliver :)

06/08/2012 6:10pm

I like Monistical on Facebook (Amuse Your Bouche) x

06/08/2012 11:04pm

Hi Rachel,
I LOVE iced coffee and this sounds sooo gooood! Jamie Oliver isn't bad either! ;) That picture of Emma Bridgewater spread is so neat! I'll tweet this and spread the word about your giveaway and site then stop back with the links! Cindy

Serena Powell
06/08/2012 11:10pm

I love Britain and Jamie Oliver happens to be one of my favorite chefs. How much more perfect could this get? Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

06/08/2012 11:13pm

I tweeted the giveaway @writelane https://twitter.com/writelane/status/232599727877795840

06/08/2012 11:17pm

I already like you on facebook!

07/08/2012 12:57am

I love all things English! Thanks for the chance to win!

07/08/2012 12:58am

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07/08/2012 3:18am

have to try this

07/08/2012 7:44pm

I can't wait to make this coffee! Thank you for another great recipe! Allen.

08/08/2012 7:03pm

Now I am curious about what is on the top of the said iced coffee featured in your photo! Put it like this, if I saw that in a swimming pool, I'd get out very quickly!
This is another thing you can add to your list titled "Things I must make for Lady Catherine when she visits"! ;)

08/08/2012 7:15pm

The clue is in the 'iced' bit of the recipe title....still, great public service announcement, if you see anything like this in a swimming pool, it ain't ice ;)

Helen (the Brough)
08/08/2012 9:04pm

Boy would that coffee go nice with some kind of raspberry cakey thing.....you know like the one I sampled at yours last week ;)
Just been searching your recipe index and can't seem to find it....pleeeaaasssse put it on, you're depriving your followers of an orgasmic experience ;) x

08/08/2012 9:13pm

Never one to deprive a 'follower' of an orgasm...I promise I will post it the next time I make it. If I could just make one that lasts long enough to take a photo that would be a start! x

Belinda Shaw
08/08/2012 10:50pm

If I won this, I would give it to my friend who is from Britain.

cody slager
08/08/2012 11:14pm

Sounds delish! Can't wait to make it!

10/08/2012 11:06am

My cat would love this, she loves all things British.

10/08/2012 11:07am

or i'd give it to my supercool sister she loves Jamie...like A LOT!!!

Melissa B.
10/08/2012 3:00pm

I love trying recipes from different countries.

Ed Nemmers
10/08/2012 7:21pm

Mancrush on Jamie Oliver!

Kylie Carlson
10/08/2012 8:13pm

Thank you for a lovely giveaway- I love Jamie's Twists on the classic dishes.

Kylie Carlson
10/08/2012 8:13pm

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Nicole C.
10/08/2012 9:44pm

I would love to win this!

alyce poalillo
10/08/2012 11:35pm

Love Jaime Oliver and would love this book.

10/08/2012 11:45pm

I love iced coffee. This one sounds particularly good. Thanks for the giveaway.

Jean Fischer
10/08/2012 11:57pm

I'd love to win thank you.

11/08/2012 7:03am

I've tried a few of Jamie Oliver's recipes, they are easy to make and delicious.

Michelle B
11/08/2012 11:50am

This looks awesome! Thanks for the giveaway.

Michelle B
11/08/2012 11:52am

I liked you on FB Michelle Bainbridge

Michelle B
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Melanie Dauterive
11/08/2012 1:13pm

I love Jamie Oliver!

Ann Council
11/08/2012 4:04pm

Hi and thanks for having the British giveaway.

Jennifer Jennings
11/08/2012 4:25pm

Thanks for the great giveaway, I love Jamie's food philosophy.

Tim Moss
11/08/2012 8:38pm

I'd like to have this book!

kathy pease
11/08/2012 10:56pm

Thank you for the great giveaway please count me in :)

kathy pease
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11/08/2012 11:43pm

Thanks for the giveaway!

Robert Pyszk
11/08/2012 11:47pm

I love iced coffee!

Tricia Andrews
12/08/2012 12:03am

I've read some of his other books and his wife's book. I would love a chance to have this one!

brian e.
12/08/2012 12:23am

Thanks for the giveaway...would love to make some homemade British fare.

Brian E.
12/08/2012 12:24am

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12/08/2012 1:59am

Good combo for the kitchen! Thanks for the chance to win these goodies!

Heather C
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Shirley Zolenski
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12/08/2012 3:44am

He always talks so fast when he is on tv, like he has been downing Red Bulls. It would be great to have the book. I love London too. I have never been I just know I do.

12/08/2012 3:46am

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12/08/2012 4:02am

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