The benefits of Matcha tea powder and now well known. Should this phenomena have passed you by, Matcha is a green tea, that, rather than infusing into, dissolves into the hot water; this means that you ingest the whole leaf, and as a result, a vastly increased number of antioxidants, way more than any of the super-foods, and more than 100 times the amount found in commercially available green tea.
Buddhist monks have been using it forever. I've been drinking it for about 6 months, and its effects are noticeable within minutes. I find myself having more energy, but at the same time, I can focus better and retain a sense of calm even in more stressful situations.
I would suggest that you try it, there is an excellent beginners tin (30g) available here - at first it may seem slightly bitter, but if you're a regular green tea drinker you will find this a vastly smoother tipple. Because the feeling of well-being is so apparent, the association makes it become pleasant very quickly. I have just one cup a day, it's a morning drink, first thing before work with water only, and at the weekend I have it at around midday, with milk and honey, which is delicious.

Even the preparation is therapeutic, the tea requires whisking vigorously into hot (not boiling) water or milk.

In case you've been put off by the price, Matcha is labour intensive to produce and therefore doesn't come cheap, remember this; you need just 1 gram to make a large cup which should see you perky for the day. It speeds up your metabolism and gives you energy, so you eat less and burn more fat; what you spend in Matcha you'll save in snacking.


30/11/2011 11:08am

I love the colour of this. Interesting that you can mix it with milk.

01/12/2011 12:35am

I keep hearing about matcha tea, but haven't tried it. This may be the push I need!

01/12/2011 12:37am

I do enjoy matcha and I love the color!

04/12/2011 6:14pm

Beautiful photos, Rachael. As an avid tea drinker, on your advice I'll be looking out for this therapeutic tea.
Cheers and thanks for the great info you left me about pottage!

16/03/2012 2:53pm

Lovely pictures Rach.. If you want a really vibrant cup of Matcha Tea, try mixing some of green tea powder, it is greener and sweeter than most other brands on the market.

01/08/2013 1:17pm

I think the benefits of Matcha tea powder are still relatively unknown to the world. It might be famous in China and other Asian countries. But It is still unknown in Europe and the East. The Budhist monks have been drinking that tea forever.


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