Yay, it's that time again...you know, the one where I use a REALLY bad weekday *concept* as an excuse to look on in awe at some of the ridiculousness that is the interweb.

That, and it's my birthday.

I'll cover the birthday at some other time, probably when I can face being this old, which I haven't truly been able to do since my 22nd, and that was a while ago.

Onward and Upward.

This ...this is a website of total wtf-ness, here is just one example of the things that keep me from being able to tear my eyes away.

Are you a Robert Downey Jr. fan?  You may wish to rip your eyes out after viewing this

You know when people make clouds for art? No? You do now. Stunning.

Fly away with me... georgous photography that makes you want to wear knee socks and red shoes in the hope this will happen to you.

Apps for kids is a great podcast from boingboing covering, you guessed it, apps for kids. 

I have eaten so much of this amazing sauce - it is brilliant, easy, goes with anything and is truly delicious, thanks Francis Lam, you're ace.

Pita bread is an absolute joy to make. It's easy, quick (in bread-making terms), requires barely any effort, and delicious. Food-wise it's healthy, versatile and best of all, it freezes beautifully.

I like to use a mix of wholemeal and white flours. You can of course make them all white, refrain from 100% wholemeal as this will be heavy, even if you add 25% white you'll lighten things up and make for a more tasty pita pocket.

One of the best ever things to eat is a freshly baked pita with some of this amazing feta cheese.

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