I love feta cheese, there's little it doesn't go with, and as someone with a practically unheard of allergy to goats cheese, I use it a lot. Often I'll buy a big chunk from the deli, but once opened, it quickly becomes dry and inedible. 

No longer, for I have the answer.

Actually, not only is this a really good way of preserving your feta, it is also a way of improving it beyond belief; for all the suggestions I give you for its use, in the recipe that follows, the truth is that normally it just gets eaten.

Piece by piece.

Whenever I visit the fridge.

Until it's gone.

There, I said it.
Yeah, you read it right.

This is my new thing. I'm not saying that every Wednesday I'll be blowing your mind, but on some Wednesdays I totally will.

Some things just need to be shared.

Like this, this woman is a loon. She makes Paula Deen look slightly less crazy. For real.

This stuff could happen, the odds are right there, and they're freaky.

Whatever happened to music like this? Fallout 3 had me wondering where all the talent hides these days.

Throughout history, people have been asking "WTF?" -  Don't believe me? Check this out.

This time last year, I was here, visiting a place I never imagined I would visit, and I'm pretty sure will never return to.  The Falkland Islands is a place of stark contrasts; you only have to look at the two pictures above to see that. Even more so when you see the beaches...
Why was I here? Read on, friend.
Hey you.

Remember that mushroom risotto I made, way back last year? 

Afterwards, I made leftover risotto cakes, the best kind of risotto cakes. No-one makes risotto just to make risotto cakes, surely. Best made when your risotto is at least 24 hours old, make up some breadcrumbs from some leftover brown bread at the same time; they need to be dried out when you come to make these cakes.

Firstly you should know this risotto hasn't been sitting in my fridge for over a month...that would be taking 'leftover' to the extreme, and possibly taking risks of food poisoning beyond 'extreme', and to a level of 'certain death'. 

I made these 2 days after the risotto, but I didn't want to have you all risottoed out before Christmas, so I saved this to share now, as 2012 takes its first tentative steps towards being. It's a great starter or supper dish, best served simply, with no more than a squeeze of lemon and maybe some leaves (baby spinach would be good with this particular risotto).

Read more for the oh-so-simple recipe and method, and a Happy 2012 folks.

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